PecosCountyFreshWater SupplyDistrict - 960’ PublicSupplyWell

City of Seminole - 1800' Santa Rosa Well

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) - Pump Installations 1500 GPM+

CityofWickett - Citywell to 300’

CityofPerryton- CityWell to 460’

Colorado RiverMunicipalWaterDistrict - Drilled and Completed well toadepth of300’

Loving County – Mentone, TX - Municipal water well to a total depth of 450’

Presidio County– RedfordWaterSystemMunicipalwaterwell toatotaldepth of 450’

CityofNorman, OK - 11MunicipalWells, aswellasseveraltestwellsto atotaldepth of 500’

Greater Gardendale WSC - 6 Municipal Wells to a total depth of 200’

CityofStephenville- Drilled andcompleted 4 wellsfor thismunicipalityto 500’

ECOResources - West TexasWaterWellServicehas provideddrillingand pump servicesfor thiscompanyfor manyyears.  Wehavedrilledmany  wellsin theAustin and El Pasoareas.Our relationshipEco Resourcesison-going.

El Paso County Water Authority - (Multiple contracts) West Texas Water Well Service has drilled wells for this municipality ranging in depth from 400’ to 650’ 


Santa Rosa Wells - Drilled and equipped multiple Santa Rosa Wells for oil companies from 800’ to 1800’
CEMEX - Provide and install pumping equipment 400-1800 GPM
PGA Village - Drilled and equipped 2 Edwards Wells

PapeDawsonEngineering - VariousProjects

Devon Energy - On-going drilling of conductor holes for oil field

AmarilloNuclear Energy -ExploratoryWellsto 600’

BexarMet-TalleyRoadCommercialWell to1000’

Levi Water SUD - Drilled and completed well to a depth of 2600’.

Waste Control Specialists - Drilled and completed well to a depth of 2400’.

Vulcan Materials - Drilled and completed 4 wells to 1460’
Hanson Aggregates - Drilled and completed 6 wells up to 1500’.
BexarMet - Stevens Ranch
Westinghouse WIPP Site/DOE - West Texas Water Well Service has completed a 3-year contract to drill monitor wells for the 
Department Of Energy
at the WIPP site ranging in depth from 600’ to 1,500’.
Duke Energy
- West Texas Water Well Service has completed projects for this company that involved developing a well field for a commercial power plant.  This project involved extensive testing of an existing well field, and drilling replacement wells as required. Over 50 wells were tested and 10 replacement wells were drilled to 500’.
El Paso Natural Gas
- West Texas Water Well service has drilled 100 wells for this company to 500’. Other past performance jobs are available upon request, if needed.